Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate that ordering a made4u suit might take you out of your comfort zone and to make the decision to
book your consultation as easy as possible, we've put together this FAQs page, don't worry if your question isn't here, just get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help. 

How Much Does a made4u Suit Cost?

We have split our suits fabrics into two tiers, Silver and Gold. The Silver tier starts at just £650 and the Gold tier starts from just £800, there are options and additions you can add, some are free and others have a small additional cost, but we keep our pricing simple and transparent. We take a 50% deposit at point of order with your final balance due at your final fitting/collection consultation. Our bespoke shirts start at just £150.

What Will Happen At My First In-Person Consultation?

When you attend any appointment or consultation with Tasker & Shaw, whether it's in a boutique, pop up, or at your home you will never be put under any pressure to purchase. This is especially true with made4u.

We understand that a made4u garment is a major purchase. The first time you'll meet James (our founder and head personal stylist) either in person or online you will be having an informal chat, if it's in our boutique you'll be offered a choice of tea or coffee, soft drink or if you prefer, something a bit stronger. We'll have a chat, getting to know what you are looking for, and if it's for an event you are attending. James will explain your options in simple terms showing you some, fabrics, styles, shapes and those small details that really make the difference. James will also take a set of comprehensive measurements for your true fit card or if it's online will arrange to dispatch your made4U measurement pack. This includes a self-measuring tape and measurement card.

You should end your first made4u consultation clear on what we offer. You’ll also have an idea of your preferred fabrics and style, and if you decide to purchase a made4u suit all the costs involved. You will also have a full copy of all your measurements, to take away. We keep a full set on file, should you decided to order now or in the future. You can place your order at this point, or if you'd prefer, you can have a think on it, we'll be here to help when you're ready. We'll also outline our Satisfaction guarantee too, so you can order with full piece of mind.

How Do You Take My Measurements?

If you are booking an in personal consultation, either at our Carlisle boutique, at one of our roadshow or have requested an in-person visit to your home or workplace, then James, our professionally qualified male personal stylists will take a wide range of measurements, not only for this order but we keep them for any future order too. If you are ordering virtually, once we have conducted our initial video consultation then we'll send you a comprehensive, easy to follow measurement guide with a video tutorial of how to accurately take your measurements at home and we will post you our nifty self measurement tape to make measuring super easy even on your own.

Is made4u Made-to-measure Or Bespoke?

Made4u by Tasker & Shaw is a balance between the two. With an impressive array of fabrics, styles and options, you can choose the perfect combination to suit your taste and requirements. Our skilled craftsmen then utilise advanced machine sewing methods to create your suit, ensuring a precise fit and high-quality finish.

Made4U Suiting offers more personalisation than standard made-to-measure options, allowing you to select from various design elements, such as lapel styles, pocket configurations, and lining options among others. This level of customisation ensures that your suit is not only well-fitted but also a true reflection of your personal style.

Can I Choose My Fabrics and Order Online?

The short answer is No, but for a great reason.  All of our orders start with a consultation, either online or in person, at the consultation we'll discuss your requirements, preferences and options and James, will walk you through the wide range on fabrics  on offer. (If you are ordering virtually this will be done on a video call). We then capture and double check your measurements and confirm you're happy to order before taking the initial deposit payment. It's not quite as quick as ordering fully online but gives a much more personalised result, and in the end the best fitting suit.

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