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made4her by Tasker & Shaw.

A finely tailored suit should not be an exclusive privilege for men; women equally deserve the elegance and confidence that bespoke tailoring provides. As a personal stylist-led business, we are dedicated to offering women the same level of precision and craftsmanship in their tailored garments only traditionally afforded to men.

Our made4her service ensures that each garment is meticulously crafted to complement a woman's unique body shape, focusing on your personal style, combining classic tailoring techniques with modern sensibilities. We believe that every woman deserves to experience the sophistication and empowerment that comes with wearing a garment made specifically for her, reflecting her individuality and impeccable taste.

Why choose made4her Suiting.

Made4Her Tailoring by Tasker & Shaw strikes the perfect balance between made-to-measure and bespoke tailoring for women. This innovative service provides an extensive selection of fabrics, styles, and personalisation options, ensuring a fit tailored uniquely to you. We recognise that every woman is different and that finding a perfectly tailored, well-fitting garment off the peg is often a challenge. Therefore, made4her Tailoring begins with a comprehensive consultation with a fully qualified personal stylist to capture your exact measurements and discuss your personal style and preferences.

With an impressive array of fabrics, styles, and personalisation options, you can select the perfect combination to suit your taste, personality and body shape, with the support and guidance of your own personal stylist. Our skilled craftsmen then utilise advanced machine sewing methods to create your garments, ensuring a precise fit and high-quality finish.

A well-tailored garment is more than just clothing; it's a statement of confidence and empowerment. made4her Tailoring offers more personalisation than standard made-to-measure options, allowing you to choose from various design elements such as lapel styles, pocket configurations, and lining options. This level of customisation ensures that your garment is not only well-fitted but is also a true reflection of your personality and personal style.

Experience the perfect blend of traditional tailoring and up to date personal styling with made4her Tailoring by Tasker & Shaw, where you can enjoy the luxury of bespoke tailoring at a more accessible price point with a friendly approach. 

Your in person luxury experience
In-Person Consultations.

Your in-person consultation will last between 60 and 90 minutes and starts with a chat over a cuppa, while James scribbles copious notes. Making sure we get to the bottom of your needs, a feel for your style, and can guide you to the perfect choice for fabric, style, and personalization options is what it’s all about for us. Feel free to bring any pictures of styles you like or even garments you’re inspired by, it all helps.

Next, you’ll be measured, we take a wide range of measurements and some photos, and we even give you your tru-fit measurement card with all of your measurements to take away for future use.

Don’t worry though because we keep our copy too. If you are ready to order, we’ll take a 50% deposit at this point. We take the balance when we book your final fitting appointment.

Don’t worry if you need some time to think about ordering, we’ll be here when you are ready, just let us know. Depending on your choice of fabric, style, and options, your garments will be ready in around 4 to 5 weeks.

Once it arrives with us, we’ll get in touch and book your fitting appointment. If we need to make any minor alterations, we’ll do it at this point. These will be arranged by us free of charge. Please allow 7 days for these alterations if needed. All that’s left is for you to get ready for all the compliments.

Making made4her available worldwide.
Remote Consultations.

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, find somewhere comfy to sit, and join your initial video consultation with James. Don't worry if you're not too tech-savvy; we'll send you a link—just follow it on your phone, tablet, or computer.

We'd suggest setting aside 45 to 60 minutes for your initial online consultation, but there is no time limit and no rush, so don't worry about asking questions or chatting with James (he does like a bit of a natter while he gets to know your likes, preferences, and personal style). We take it at your pace.

We'll chat about fabrics, styles, and personalisations, and we'll show you some fabric and personalisation option samples live during the video chat. We find this is always more representative than pictures online.

If you are ready to order, we'll send you a confirmation email with your preferences and take a 50% deposit at this point via secure online payment. (We take the balance when your garment is ready for delivery to you.)

We'll then post out a self-measurement pack, which includes a Tasker & Shaw self-measuring tape and your tru-fit card with all the measurements you'll need to take. There is an online video guide on how to take your measurements.

Don't worry if you need some time to think about ordering, we'll be here when you are ready; just get in touch and let us know.

Depending on your choice of fabric, style, and options, your garment will be ready in around 4 to 5 weeks. Once it arrives with us, we'll get in touch and arrange the delivery of your garment. and book your virtual fitting.. If any minor alternations are needed we will arrange the collection, alterations, and return to you free of charge. Please allow 7-10 days for these alterations if needed and the return of your garment.

Request an in-home or office consultation.

We appreciate that for many customers, making it to our boutique is not possible due to business, mobility or even geographical restrictions, but you still may wish an in-person consult. That's why we have introduced our in home/office consultation request option.  James regularly travels to major cities across the UK, USA and UAE and where possible, we will always attempt to bring the made4her experience to you in a location of your choice. For more information and to request an consultation email: homeconsult@taskerandshaw.com

Why Can't I Just Order Online?

We all know that shopping online is often easier and might seem more convenient, but it can't compare to the exceptional service and perfect fit provided by Tasker & Shaw. Our personal service ensures not only a luxury experience but also a garment that fits your body perfectly, Whether you decide to order remotely or in person, you can be assured of personal service by a fully professionally trained personal stylist and a team of master craftspeople. 

By offering personal consultations, either in person or remotely, our expert personal stylists use precise measurements and provide personalised style advice, ensuring that every detail is tailored to your individual needs, style, personality and preferences.

This hands-on approach guarantees a level of precision and customisation that online services simply cannot compete with. We believe that a garment should be more than just clothing—it should be the experience of luxury, quality, and personalised elegance that a major purchase deserves.

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